New Year, New Me?

Written by guest writer Anna Harris, Banker at HomeTown Bank of Alabama

I understand that a New Year’s resolution blog in itself is tremendously cliché, but sometimes it helps to have a different perspective on things, and clearly if someone else feels the need to elaborate more on the ever-so-commonly written topic, it must have some sort of relevance to human thoughts during this time of the year. I know, I’ve heard it all…
“I’m going to get into shape this year!” “I’m going to start saving this year and manage my money better!” or “I’m going to take a major trip this year!”

All of these ideas are wonderful, but do we really dig deep and muster up the desire and will to achieve these “simple” goals? If they were really that simple, why are we all making the same resolution year after year?

Maybe we all need to reconsider what our resolutions will be this year and make them realistically attainable.

Yes, get back into shape at the gym, but don’t kill yourself for the first two weeks in the New Year and burn yourself out before January is even over. (37% of American’s made “getting fit” their resolution in 2015, while 32% made “losing weight” their goal.)

Yes, start a savings account and manage your money better, but don’t take so much out of your paycheck that you can’t afford to live and have fun. Behavior is key. If you can change your behavior, you can change how much you’re spending and you will allow yourself to save more. (25% of Americans made “spending less, saving more” their resolution in 2015)

Yes, plan a trip, but don’t make your vacation the most stressful week of the year by over-planning and stressing over the minute details. Everyone wants to travel more, but only you, yourself can actually make a vacation genuinely relaxing. (14% of Americans made “travelling more” their 2015 resolution).

If you’re someone like me, you aren’t entertained by the average American New Year’s Resolution. These common resolutions are definitely not bad, they are just always given up on so easily. So, to maybe help you all out a bit, I’ve listened to a few of my peers’ feedback and thought of a few alternative, more simple resolutions that can be made that may help you live life more interestingly and potentially even better yourself and possibly the other humans around you (if you’re in to that sort of thing)

*Build a social media page with purpose

Social media has pros and cons, but since you’re more than likely on it anyway, make it something beneficial to the rest of the world. Use your voice, page, profile, etc. to possibly brighten someone’s day, educate them, or advocate for something you truly believe to be important!

*Keep a clean work space

This resolution is tougher for some than others. Cleanliness is underrated most of the time and is something that is inexcusable. Use your desk for its purpose intended. Also, this keeps your work space fresh for day to day activity. Lastly, try and increase your productivity with simple organization.

*Become more self-aware

Sometimes this is a goal that no one really ever conquers. Self-awareness is a process and the byproducts can only be beneficial. Be real with yourself. See everything for what it is and not what you conjure up in your mind.

*Educate yourself

Read a book on that vacation you are planning to take. Listen to what other people tell you. Ask more questions and accept constructive criticism. Use tools like these that you are given every single day to expand your knowledge of life in general and graciously embrace them. Being able to educate yourself is my favorite resolution because it is limitless!

The New Year can mean whatever it is that you want it to mean. The beginning of a new year is another year to embrace and cherish the moments you have with the ones you love, become a better you, or maybe even make more cliché resolutions. Just be sure to make your resolutions mean something to yourself and maybe even to someone else, because at the end of the year no one talks about what they planned to accomplish, they talk about the dedication it took to actually attain their goals and resolutions. Happy 2017!

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